Running in the 2018 Virgin London Marathon supporting

Firstly if you're here because you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Don't panic! You can live well with Diabetes.

Simply make everyday life more active, think about diet & cut carbs and finally seek #PeerSupport

Kevin with coach Liz Yelling Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Bronze Marathon Winner

Thanks to

On the day of the marathon it is the individual's performance that matters, but I was only able to get to the start line because of a great team of people supporting me

I run because ....

My Grandad was dead before I was born, My dad was dead before my son was born. I want to be an active grandparent should my son have children. My Dad sent this telegram to his sister in 1953

I've been training for the marathon and working hard to control my blood sugars. My FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system made it easier to manage my blood sugars - The latest results came in from the hospital Hba1c blood test which tie nicely with my dashboard #proudtobeabbott

Runner Number

My number is 56110 you can follow the Virgin Money London Marathon in the tracker which is live from 7am on 22Apr - My estimated start time is around 10:45


Me and the Medal

The obligatory before/after picture

On the radio

You can hear my friend Paul Waters interview me on his Wycombe Sound Radio Show

I spoke on the radio after my marathon run with Paul Waters - here's an extract

On the Web

I've been featured in my local parkrun blog talking about my New Year's Double Run and Personal Best (PB)

Honoured and privileged to have been featured in the UK national blog too

Race Strategy Sreadsheet with my race pace strategy - out the window with the heat

Unless otherwise stated all opinions here are my own.

Sponsored by Abbott to run in the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon